A clumsy man suddenly finds himself in the middle of a modern dance performance. He is fascinated by the dance and becomes inspired. He wants to express himself just like the beautiful dancer. But it's not easy. Practice doesn't always make perfect but for a clumsy man who dares to dance "just about" is more than good enough.

’Just About’ is our new poetic and humorous dance performance where we once again mix modern dance and theatre.

Duration: 40 min.

Just About is performed in English.

Age: 7 years and up

For touring abroad:

If you can provide us with a 'blackbox' stage, light- and sound system we just bring a few light props. 2 performers and 1 technician.


On stage:

Helena Hertz Melkjorsen, danser

Niels Jørgensen, skuespiller

Original playwright: Peter Rinderknecht

Adapted and "Apollo-gized" by Niels Jørgensen

Director: Torkild Lindebjerg

Original choreography: Kim van der Boon

Interpreted and "Apollo-gized" by Helena Hertz Melkjorsen

Composer: Simon Hostettler

Dramatic adviser: Jane Rasch